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Upload your flight logs, Exmaps will present them beautifully, no registration is required. Don't have any to upload? See our demo flight here.
All uploaded flight logs in this demo UAV will be open to public users and removed in about 3 day. Sign up now to have your own private hangar.

Drop files here to upload Supports Ardupilot, Pixhawk and Yuneec logs
  • Format: "bin", "tlog", "log" for Ardupilot, "csv" for Yuneec
  • Previous "log" format without date is not supported
  • Max file size is 300MB and max 3 files

Organized Logbook

Manage both UAVs and flight logs now made easy. Drag and drop to sync all your flights on the cloud.

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Organized Logbook Beautiful Design

3D Flight Visualization

Understand your flight through 3D playback, summarized information, errors alerts and drone’s energy usage.

3D Flight Visualization

Compliance Reports

One click to generate reports for your flights. You can customize the format to meet different compliance requirements easily.

Compliance Reports

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